Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Please raise your Flag correctly !

Each one of us must have that Spirit of Patriotism in us.
Literally, thousand liters of blood were spilt before we achieved our freedom, our Independence.

During our National Day, we proudly raise our National Flag up high. It makes us proud with its achievements, proud that we have a place, proud to have A Homeland!

When we look surrounding us, we hear news of war. We saw people coming to our shores seeking refuge from war. What a pitiful sight.

Talking about raising a flag again, at least we must do it right! The Right Way up!

Recently, I caught this picture somewhere along Jalan Tun Openg, in Kuching.

The persons must have liked it to want to show (to) themselves the “right side” of the flag instead of the other way around.

Please lah brothers.

It should be the other way around, don’t be selfish, share and spread the joy amongst us.
After all, we’re Malaysians.

Malaysia Boleh, ma!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Imported from Australia

The name OMO is so popular way back in the 70s. It's a household name when it comes to a cleaning detergent

This product is no more in Malaysia, unless you buy the imported OMO from Australia.

We found this at the Green Height Plaza recently, and a box costs well over RM15.

Monday, May 17, 2010

DAP won in Sibu By Election

Congratulations! Finally, Wong Ho Leng clinched it.

Still the Ibans is faithful to BN, even though the tide is changing fast!
But at least they got something out of it.

Why are the Ibans so gullible? For ages I have been trying to study them why they are so easily pleased and contented unlike others around them.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

By Election in Sibu

(Picture shows from the left Robert Lau and Wong Ho Leng)

Its Elections time or rather By-Election time here in Sarawak, the "Land of the Hornbills."

After the Hulu Selangor episode, this time we move to Sibu.

This is due to the death of the incumbent, Robert Lau, a Federal Minister of SUPP/Barisan Nasional.

The flag bearer is his cousin, also known as Robert, a greenhorn in politics.

He is pitted against Wong Ho Leng of the DAP (Democratic Action Party) who has a pact with the Pakatan Rakyat. Both are respectable lawyers in their own right.

There are more than 54,000 eligible voters in this constituency and BN really need to show good results by winning with a big margin.

I expect as BN to mobilise their machinery fast and polling is in a week's time.

"Durian runtuh" is expected as always when you go against any BN candidate.

I'm hoping for DAP to create a big upset here.

I hope the Ibans of Sibu know who should lead them, I think that this is very important to make their stand known now.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Barisan Nasional's Kamal wins the Hulu Selangor ...

Sunday 25 Apr: HULU SELANGOR:- Barisan Nasional's P. Kamalanathan has won the Hulu Selangor Parliamentary by-election with a 1,725 votes.

He received 24,997 votes to beat Datuk Zaid Ibrahim of Parti Keadilan Rakyat who got 23,272 votes

The voters turn out were only 75% according to the Election Commission.

So its “official” now the Winner is “Mr.1Malaysia” as described by his political masters.

Well, all I can say is Congratulations, P. Kamalanathan. You probably didn’t deserve it but you still won, thanks to your political masters!

Please savor the victory, because the next fight won’t be the same anymore. The Gov’t of the Day had all the machinery in their hands to fight Pakatan Rakyat.

There were some questions which needed to be answered by relevant authorities but I guess since BN won, the issues is best laid to rest. No point raising them as the answers to the questions posed is best answered when we go polling again soon!

For now, let us watch and see the “sugar and candy gifts” as promised to the Hulu Selangor folks during the BN campaign. May it all materialized. If the Barisan Nasional Gov’t is sincere in helping the rakyat, better start this very moment. Or forever be cursed for bluffing to all of us.

After all, the money used belongs to the tax payers and rightly so it should be given back to where it came!

To the losers, don’t lose hope. Our/your chance will come. “They can fool us sometimes, but not all the time.” Our victory will soon come if God wills it.

And the truth will be known sooner or later. Remember, we lost this battle but the war is still not over yet. Fight for Justice and Truth, and God will bless your struggles.

To Kamal, work while its still day. You won on this day. So remember it well.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Votes for Zaid Ibrahim

In less than 3 hours from now, the Hulu Selangor voters will have their say in the By-Elections.

Who will win is everyone's question & guess. Barisan Nasional is going all out with the Prime Minister leading his coalition of partners. And its not often we get to see both the PM & Deputy joining hands to achieve 1 goal, and that is to win convincingly!

Even ex-PM Mahathir is in his element, joining in the fray. He did as expected of an elderly statesman except for the time he started criticizing his successor, Pak Lah. I wonder why he chose that fella in the 1st place? It was his prerogative then.

Personally, I hope the HS voters will vote in Zaid. Please rally around him. We must get Pakatan Rakyat in at some point in time soon.

Let us start with Hulu Selangor. After this, we must score more wins especially in Sarawak, starting in Sibu! Then Sabah, then the whole of Malaysia, under Pakatan Rakyat's rule!

AS voters, the power is in our hands to decide our fate, our destiny. I think we need fresh faces with newest ideas to lead us into the next century.

BN has been there for as long as I can remember. Are you willing to take the risk by voting for PR? Actually, there is nothing to fear because another five years will soon come where we will start to evaluate whoever rules us?

The “promises and the candies” mentioned by the PM and people will only be given if and when Selangor is returned to BN? Is that fair and what is the Election Commission or MACC doing about it?

These supposed to be independent bodies are being used as their tools against the basic rights of democracy.

So to the folks in Hulu Selangor, your time has arrived! Go show us what you’re made of. Show BN you can’t be bought with promises or with a thousand ringgit.

Best Wishes to Zaid Ibrahim.

Sir, you’re The Man of the Hour!

And it’s yours to win.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Kerusi Parliament Hulu Selangor

Pemayuh pengundi sitak tu bisi 63,000 urang.

Pengawa bepilih tu nyadi laban pemati Dr. Zainal Abidin Ahmad, pengari ari PKR ti ngalah ke G.Palanivel ari BN/MIC ba pengawa bepilih 2008 tu suba.

Kediatu, bala ari BN (Barisan Nasional) benung ia angat kimpin ke Calon sida taja bedau nemu sapa ti patut ngari ke sida tu ila.

Ngari ke PKR kenu ku jaku bala mayuh, sigi Zaid Ibrahim, siku ari Menteri ti ngemadu ke diri maya agi dipegai Pak Lah tu tadi alu tama nyadi kaban PKR.

Ba bepilih 2004 suba, G.Palanivel menang kerusi tu enggau majoriti ti amat besai enda ngalah ke raban PAS, Ismail Kamus.

Kerusi tu asal ia sigi kubu kuat BN, alu ke sekali tu pan BN di sangka ke ulih ngambi penuduk tu pulai.

Ari ti udah ditetapka maya tau nganjung nama ianya 17hb April tu.

Sapa kah nyadi pengari BN/MIC tu ila?

Sama-sama mih kitai nganti maya nganjung nama tu ila.

Nama issues ti nyadi pekara tau ngasuh menang/alah pan bedau temu kitai jam diatu.

Arapke bala pengundi bela sampal nurun muai undi jam nya ila.