Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Please raise your Flag correctly !

Each one of us must have that Spirit of Patriotism in us.
Literally, thousand liters of blood were spilt before we achieved our freedom, our Independence.

During our National Day, we proudly raise our National Flag up high. It makes us proud with its achievements, proud that we have a place, proud to have A Homeland!

When we look surrounding us, we hear news of war. We saw people coming to our shores seeking refuge from war. What a pitiful sight.

Talking about raising a flag again, at least we must do it right! The Right Way up!

Recently, I caught this picture somewhere along Jalan Tun Openg, in Kuching.

The persons must have liked it to want to show (to) themselves the “right side” of the flag instead of the other way around.

Please lah brothers.

It should be the other way around, don’t be selfish, share and spread the joy amongst us.
After all, we’re Malaysians.

Malaysia Boleh, ma!

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